That Inconvenient Truth

The overwhelming majority of Muslims, lectured Secretary of State John Kerry, do not condone the sort of violence perpetrated by a few.  His rapt audience in Davos thrived on Kerry’s faux-sagacity.  As had a previous droning speaker, former Vice President Al Gore, Kerry’s listeners had predominately dropped in on  Switzerland aboard private jets, intent on dissecting enigmas such as why the hoi polio don’t bother to carpool in light of mythical global warming.  Truth is never welcome when progressives gather, hence Kerry found license to spew his peculiar opinion about the religious war being waged on Christianity and the West.  If, as Kerry asserted, a majority of Muslims indeed oppose Islamic aggression, then terrorists and religious warriors would (using Kerry’s vernacular) be overwhelmed, therefore stifled.  As it is, stifled only are the tongues of Islam, giving free rein for terrorists to overwhelm the civilized world.  Kerry and his idol Barack Obama would do well to set their tedious lecture notes aside and at last muster the courage to stand up, at least speak out, in opposition to Muslim belligerents.



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