Uncle Sam’s Sensitive Senate

capitolWith the irresponsibility of a bored student dozing through an insightful lecture, the Senate of the United States last week squandered effort by debating earth’s climate.  Senators took it upon themselves to neglect how our nation is crying out for a responsible budget and they diligently ignored that Muslim soldiers continue gobbling up civilization.  Rather than face that The American Dream is being trampled by oppressive taxes, senators instead grew dire to let the world learn that “it is the sense of the Senate that climate change is real and not a hoax.”

The Senate’s nebulous sense is a lame substitute for collective courage, a trait sorely lacking along the avenues and hallways of Washington.  Courageous senators, with the first utterance of that ill-defined “climate change” phrase, should have risen in unison and turned their backs on the orator as if he were Mayor de Blasio himself.  For, just as the Senate had no business redesigning the light bulb or mandating low-flow toilets people flush twice, it should refrain from delving into earth’s climate.  But, like those other two legislative puzzles, “climate change” provides irresistible opportunity for big government to further manipulate Americans lives.

As with much of the prattle shed by Capitol Hill, few are moved by the Senate’s tender sense.  Climate change occurred on this dynamic globe long before any senator cleared his throat and clutched his lapels: dinosaurs attest to that, as do marine fossils uncovered high and dry on mountain peaks.  Slow, certain, and natural are climate shifts, but rather than greet that truth with complacency, America’s overbearing government instead twists climate data into a cudgel to be used against the population.  Modern politicians, never neglecting opportunity to slip a hand into a pocket or slide a wing tip over a threshold, are desperate to paint a picture that climate change, far from natural, is a calamity brought about by irresponsible behavior.  Hence the Senate’s feeble “sense” that climate change is real–they have chiseled another facet into the myth that climate change is not only brought on by humans, but it is settled science.

Science, though, is more profound than the Senate’s voiced sensitivity, and science should never be confused with some referendum of scientists who believe climate change is man-made.  The scientific method, not how wide an opinion spreads, leads to truth, and that hypothesize-experiment-conclude approach seems AWOL from the current political insistence that climate change is caused by humans.  The alleged danger known as global warming was given its “climate change” alias once its divorce from science grew obvious; continuing to creep further from any basis in science, the notion of climate change instigated by human activity has adopted a new, humorous identity: it is now nothing more than one of the Senate’s senses.


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