He’s Melting

obama meltingThe echoes of Paris violence still reverberate and again Muslim belligerents have murdered, this time in a sun-baked hotel on Tripoli’s coast.  They’ve brought terror to Fort Hood, too, and the Boston Marathon, Madrid’s subway, a chocolate shop in Sydney, London streets: no corner of earth seems safe from the spread of Islamic terror since Barack Obama ordered America to abandon its victories and retreat headlong from a relentless enemy.  Around the world Islam spreads its dark shadow and fills the vacuum resulting from United States ambivalence, a malaise of weakness brought about by a president who leads from behind, which is not leading at all.

He’s becoming a pathetic character, America’s leader-from-behind.  Now facing majorities of Republicans elected to hobble his reckless policies and with world leaders leery of his dereliction, rightfully he lurks in the margins, summoning a lonely White House photographer and childish YouTube interviewers to soothe his craving for attention.

How fondly he must reminisce about long-ago days when a Berlin throng hung on his words and all the Muslim world listened to his apologies, when a Nobel Prize was awarded and Greek columns were erected as backdrop for his regal ascent.  Ascending now, due to his dreadful policies and inability to lead, is Muslim violence while Obama, cowering from truth, reporters, and the American people, melts from significance like a wicked witch caught in the rain.

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