Adios, San Juan

Cuban strong man Raul Castro knows advantage when he sees it and, with President Obama begging to normalize relations with the Caribbean dictatorship, Castro has grown determined to squeeze every drop out of Uncle Sam.  America, until recently, rebuked Cuba with the noble insistence that Castro return liberty to his people; Obama, however, has decided meek acquiescence to tyranny is a more progressive course.  In deference to Obama’s naivety, Raul now wants Guantanamo Bay ceded to his regime, as well as his coffers stuffed as reparation for American intolerance to despotism.

fidelWith his communist paramour voicing such audacious desires, Obama should immediately hitch up his mom jeans and rescind all overtures to Havana.

But if nothing else, Obama is a weak and artless negotiator.  His kowtowing to Iran illustrates that, as does the pinnacle of his wily deal-making: the five-for-one Bo Bergdahl prisoner swap.  Given those failures of American resolve, Obama seems destined to accede to Castro’s sordid demands.  And to affirm his sincerity, Obama just might throw in Puerto Rico, too.

Fidel and his entourage will enjoy the rum.

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