Return to the Road To Ruin

white houseIt would usher in doomsday, hoped Obama.  But for two years America has survived the federal sequester, that irrational mandate for arbitrary spending cuts that was devised to inflict intolerable inconvenience on the citizenry.  Layoffs and loss of critical services, the President gleefully predicted.  But (in the spirit of a zealous progressive) he enormously overestimated Americans’ dependence on government.  The strife Obama so eagerly anticipated, by now, should have sent rioters looting and burning while clamoring for a renewal of unmitigated spending.

But tumult and fire hasn’t exploded (except when Obama and his pernicious attorney general riled racial tension in Ferguson, Missouri) and the only whimper opposed to accountable spending emanates from the IRS: imposing Obamacare, suppressing the Teaparty, and overlooking Al Sharpton’s unpaid taxes are evidently money-burning ventures.   So Obama and his allies, disheartened by America’s subdued reaction to the sequester, are resorting to their comfort food of tactics: concocting a titanic tax-and-spend budget.

Envisioning four trillion dollars of spending, the White House’s behemoth of fiscal negligence bestows lavishly while looting harshly.  And, thanks to a flash of sanity during November’s elections, it’s a proposal destined to live only in the merry dreams of spendthrift Democrats.  But, because community organizers sustain themselves on a diet of division and discord, Obama formulated his proposal not so much as a budget blueprint as a stick to poke in Congressional eyes; he knows all hope of steering the country back onto his road to ruin hinges on deriding Republicans for eschewing his penchant for largesse.  So, for the balance of his White House tenure, expect this lame duck to mount the stump and harangue about Congress and the GOP; no doubt he will fall back on his favorite pursuit: pitting poor against rich, black against white, and irresponsible against responsible.


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