Fender Benders

IRSIRS commissioner John Koskinen speaks in riddles and apparatchik gibberish.  It’s as if the head of America’s most intrusive and belligerent agency landed his post from somewhere foreign to liberty and prosperity.

Warren Sapp, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, seems unsatisfied with the rate the NFL’s reputation is sinking.  To accelerate the submersion he wrapped up Super Bowl weekend in Phoenix jail after welshing on a hooker.  Commissioner Goodell sees progress: at least Sapp didn’t slug the strumpet then drag her from an elevator.

Six years along and the White House can muster only ten beneficiaries of the Obamacare mess?  The tiny group yesterday met with the president, who directs the world’s most manipulative propaganda machine.  Touted as the universe’s premier health care scheme, Obamacare allegedly helps an uncountable mass.  Strange, then, that the opaque administration could only come up with ten puppets while Representative Boehner, if he found the gumption, could host a gathering of millions burdened by the detrimental law.

Measles breaks out.  Is it coincidence the disease rears its head in the aftermath of Obama luring thousands of third world children across America’s undefended border?

my mapLance Armstrong refuses to coast quietly from the heights of Mount Stardom.  About doping, he recently bragged he’d do it again, and now he’s been caught lying to deflect accountability in an auto crash: he’s obviously peddling downhill with all the strength steroids can bolster.

Democrat darling Alcee Hastings of Florida derided all Texas residents as crazy.  That doesn’t quite fit with Democrats’ contention that they deplore stereotypes and champion tolerance.  But, whenever lacking an intellectual upper hand, it’s common for Democrats to seek solace through ad hominem attack.  Thus Hastings, an impeached judge notorious for corruption, must always resort to ad hominem slurs.  Elected to Congress eleven times, disgraced Hastings proves the Sunshine State, not Texas, is the state overflowing with loons.


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