Groundhog Day Redux

Groundhog[1]Jesse Jackson’s dog-eared calendar is marked 1963 and observes Groundhog Day ten days late.  So, with all the tedium and ostentation of the annual Gobbler’s Knob ritual, Jackson has just ventured from his burrow to again reel at concocted racial strife.  America, it seems, must endure at least another six weeks of race-baiting.

Jackson’s lively imagination this time has targeted the dispiriting tale of the Jackie Robinson West Little League team, an all-black squad from Chicago that last summer ascended to national champions.  But once confetti was swept and the final soda pop toast swallowed, a sordid secret grew apparent: coaches had ignored the limits of geographic boundaries and stacked their roster with ineligible players.   Little League International, confronted by such a blatant breach of a fundamental rule, was forced to annul the illegal team’s wins and rescind its title.  Disheartening, of course, but a valuable lesson for the boys as well as the nation: rules matter.

But to the Civil Rights Industry rules never carry the gravity of skin tone, hence we find Jackson again shuffling court papers and grumbling of legal action.  Little League International, to Jackson’s fantasies, was spurred to action by racial malice vice the weight of regulations; again he will build a lame argument upon the irrational myth that blacks can never succeed within the rules.

And Barack Obama, ever eager to eschew petty nuisances like ISIS, terrorism, and Putin, will relish regressing to his “community organizer” roots by pouncing on this fictional injustice.  So America can expect some “Cracker Jack summit” at which Jackson, Obama, and other disaffected dandies will strong-arm Little League International into judging, going foward, by color of skin and never by content of character.

Throughout Jackson’s impending imbroglio the true victims of Jackie Robinson West’s coaches will remain invisible: teams that limited recruiting to legitimate boundaries were denied talented players usurped by the dishonest coaches.  Those rule-abiding teams played out their seasons with diminished chances of winning and advancing to the very championship Jackie Robinson West stole.  That’s the true miscarriage America should find unsavory, an injustice Jackson and the Civil Rights Industry aren’t astute enough to recognize.

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