Fifty Shades Of Failure

thLH816Z5HIt’s suddenly the salacious rage among America’s progressive aristocracy: clad in tuxes and gowns they slip into Georgetown homes; tweed-jacketed, they crowd faculty lounges; in pant suits they pack Hillary’s living room.  Nearly breathless do the liberal congregations sip cocktails and pick through canapes while, full of giddy anticipation, they must endure a delay before for the screening begins.

It’s neither lengthy nor artistic, the video that will splash across screens for the restive audiences.  Unstable, at first, and out-of-focus is the scene that plays out, the fruition of fantasies for Barack and Michelle who, divining the film’s lurid nature, watch only in the assuring comfort of their closest circle of advisors.

Rapt faces gape at the intriguing action finding life.  No word is dared murmured lest it punctures the soaring tension; hands, trembling and wanton, clutch one another and bring excitement full-circle for, as gasps and joyous whimpers attest, the action quickly rises toward climax, a pinnacle of delight that for years and lifetimes these progressive Americans have felt appropriate to suppress.

But Obama’s liberated America knows no propriety so the left now enjoys the freedom to gather and witness their lewd dream-come-true, one crafted in Sanaa, Yemen.   Thighs tingle and pulses race before the deed is quickly done: United States Marines give up their weapons and are forced from their post.

Audiences laud the incident with applause and burst into avid chatter once the screen falls blank.  Sure, America’s dwindling stature is fantasy come to life for brooding leftists.  But it also shows the world yet another shade of Obama’s failed presidency.

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