Up In Smoke

gop-elephant[1]Will someone teach Republicans to pick smart fights?  Now they’re badgering Washington DC about its imminent marijuana legalization, and the outcome of their bullying is bound to leave the GOP bloodied and with diminished esteem.  Obama, they should recall, was twice elected despite incompetence, inexperience, and indecision: voters flocked to him because he carries an aura many interpret as cool.  Republicans, on the other hand, serially serve up reason for Hollywood and big media to portray conservatives as stodgy and unstylish.  Here they go again.

Not that Republicans should mimic Democrats and embrace dope in hopes of garnering votes; the party should adopt ambivalence about DC’s approaching pot woes and focus on grander vistas.  The 2016 elections, for one.  The marijuana Titanic, after all, has already steamed from the pier and won’t be stopped by some Republican tossing a lasso from a rowboat.  The way to stop the lumbering ship is to clamber aboard and shove its doddering captain and progressive crew out of the way, then slow the vessel and steer clear of the iceberg.  Republicans need continued success at the polls to accomplish that.

Our nation’s recent dalliance with Mary Jane, Republicans must recognize, is merely a dangerous symptom of a more profound national ill: a generation of Americans have been taught in public schools and universities that liberty is realized through self-gratification and dependence on government.  For six years Obama’s harmful progressive agenda has reinforced that absurd notion.

Free people, in reality, are independent of government and imbued with self-responsibility.  Americans are hungry for moral leadership that will rejuvenate that spirit of liberty to all corners of our nation, and Hillary Clinton and other progressives have time after time proven that they are incapable of assuming the mantle of such a leader.  The responsibility to return the country to greatness therefore falls on the shoulders of the GOP who, by stirring up this marijuana imbroglio, seem intent on once again watching their chances for moving into the White House go up in smoke.

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