Flights of Fancy

th1VH3P9NXWhen the going gets tough, the Obamas get going … to Hollywood, that is.  And with the Obama presidency gaining infamy for failure through each scandal it spawns, times have grown downright rugged for Barack and First Lady Michelle.  Hence the duo again retreated to the land of stars, late last week eschewing the fourth estate in favor of unrequited love lavished on them by the frivolous realm of comedy and talk television.

Their TV appearances were naturally absurd and offensive, Michelle acting hip with a dance encouraging children to play while Barack inanely lectured that Ferguson, Missouri police are oppressive.  A much larger message Americans should take away, however, is that the Obamas are gleeful to have another twenty-two months to pillage the overdrawn treasury and derogate common citizens: on a single day, flying from the White House to Los Angeles and back, the Obamas treated themselves to separate airplanes.

The cost of that antic, of course, is tremendous to everyone but Washington looters to whom a million taxpayer dollars is loose change.  But what about the “damaging gases” needlessly spewed by this “green” couple?  Two speeding jetliners, while they exhort common Americans to cram four-to-a-Prius for glacial commutes to work?

Though adept at nothing useful, Obama functionaries are practiced at diverting accountability from their president.  Barack and Michelle, they lament, had such disparate schedules that travelling together posed inconvenience.  The man who wheedled his way into the Oval Office through flowery talk of change is unwilling to adjust his schedule?  The First Lady’s itinerary remains sacrosanct, yet our Constitution is a petty “living document” that must evolve to meet progressive whims?

They have been astute learners, this couple quickly ascended from anonymity to high office: after a mere six years at the beltway’s hub they empty coffers and brashly lie without the least evidence of remorse.  Now imagine the scope of fraud if a veteran Washington couple, one known to have a penchant for corruption, graft, and waste, is installed in the White House.  How harshly do Hillary and Bill intend to abuse power if they successfully dupe the electorate?  Perhaps Chelsea’s Mona Lisa smile gives us a clue: has she been promised her own airplane, too?

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