Identity Crisis

train-wreck[1]More than 15,000 government-based e-mail addresses have been exposed as part of the sordid Ashley-Madison hacking affair.  One can bet Hillary Clinton’s isn’t among them—never has she deigned lower herself to the communications protocol of a common bureaucrat.  No—she concocted a burdensome system allowing her to hide behind a non-government e-mail name.  Experience had caught up to her: best have ability to erase evidence when undertaking illicit or inept action.

That’s a lesson taken to heart throughout Obama’s pernicious administration.  Deceptive EPA administrator Lisa Jackson created a false e-mail name in hopes of covering her agency’s damaging agenda, while lately it’s come to light IRS thug Lois Lerner relied on a surrogate e-mail account to conceal government bullying of the Tea Party.

Funny that people use government e-mail addresses when cheating on their wives, but prefer private e-mail identities when being unfaithful to the American people.

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