Nonsense Climbs New Peak

225px-Mckinley[1]A central front in Progressives’ war on liberty is their assault on language.  “Words are offensive” is their disingenuous mantra, a hollow excuse to mock, insult, and denigrate Americans strong enough to be mavericks from liberal bellowing and imposed, shallow values.

Anchor baby is nowadays a term scorned with vain desire to ignore the immorality of illegal immigration and focus on fictional hate; wife and husband are disappearing from newspapers in favor of the neuter spouse.  After all, bona fide marriage might flourish if society continues to recognize the truth that marriage is a blessed union of one man to one woman.

The latest salvo aimed at words comes from President Obama, a disaffected boy named Barry who grew into an inept and unproductive man renamed Barack.  Mount McKinley, gloats the White House, will henceforth be dubbed Denali, never mind that North America’s highest peak has honored our 25th president for 98 years.

McKinley, assassinated by an anarchist, was unfortunately a white Republican, therefore no longer worthy of his place in history.  Out with the old language and in with the new: Denali, showing reverence for a religious creation story believed by a small tribe of Alaskan Indians, now replaces President William McKinley’s memory.

Our nation’s tallest mountain named to honor the religious conviction of a tiny tribe?  In a country when neo-outrage boils over when even a diminutive Christmas tree turns up in a public square?

The absurdity of the fatuous left has reached a new peak.

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