hillary-clinton-blood-clot-head-danger[1]Members of the ruling class wring hands while haughty television “journalists” wag melancholy expressions: in unison they bemoan the awkward and ineffective manner in which Hillary responds to her deepening e-mail scandal.

From high atop pedestals, sadly, that lofty lot fails to acknowledge that Clinton is not embroiled in scandal at all: she perpetrated a damaging breach of national security, one that endangers lives of American men and women while threatening the nation’s future.

Hillary’s failing is serious, not merely the sort of scandal so routine among Washington’s elite, not some tawdry embarrassment that elicits a disingenuous apology from some hollow politician.  Inured by serial corruption inside the beltway, citizens would shrug if this matter was simply sordid, like sex in a bathroom stall or dollars stacked in a freezer, lavish office furnishing or public-paid junkets to paradise.  But cross-country outrage is growing as Hillary’s lax stewardship of national secrets is revealed to be egregious.

Nor does America’s nobility and its fawning media seem to grasp the sentiment of the productive class.  Mainstream Americans don’t care to elect yet another politician who is little more than head of a machine primed to react to a parade of scandals.  Far from it, the country is dire to put in office a person possessing the morals to avoid scandal altogether.

Hillary repeatedly proves she doesn’t fit that bill.

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