Birds of a Feather

4315753072_cabe80872f_z[1]New York representative Carolyn Maloney defends Cecile Richardson as “making a good salary.”

Only in the upside-down progressive world of abortion and tax-dollar largesse is five hundred thousand downplayed as a “good salary” while the same amount in industry is derided as excessive, greedy, and unjust.

Cecile Richardson isn’t a member of industry.  Far from it: she reaps compensation for heading Planned Parenthood, a tax-guzzling leviathan that, in no way productive, exists solely to snatch away the lives of babies in the womb.

A “distinguished organization” gushed Maloney of Planned Parenthood.  Sure.  And Obama darling Susan Rice proclaimed traitor Bowe Bergdahl served in the army with “honor and distinction.”  The progressive war on truth wages on.

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