Avery Brown, We Never Knew You

1219734620_extras_ladillos_1_1[1]Television character Murphy Brown famously shunned family and decided to raise baby Avery without the benefit of marriage or even the boy’s father.  Hollywood writers gleefully used the TV show’s script to mock vice president Dan Quayle’s admiration for marriage and family and went on to laud “diversity” of families.

Writers today wouldn’t dare tell audiences the story of grown Avery, just turned twenty-three, who still lives with Mommy and, lacking a male role model, has turned to video games and action-movies to fabricate his own essence of manhood.  Murphy, secretly appalled by her son’s brooding nature and penchant for violence, has for years resorted to appeasing the confused boy by lavishing him with gifts including (hoping to infuse masculinity into his misguided life) pistols and a gun range membership.

During the two-hour season finale, Brown and her fellow journalists argue how best to report on the middle school massacre Avery perpetrated in his venture to garner the type of fame lauded on stars of bloody Hollywood blockbusters.  In the end, though Murphy herself has an epiphany about the huge fallacy of being a single mom, her fictional news show remains a soldier of the progressive movement.  Ever a liberal trooper, Murphy goes on air with a heavy heart for her dead son and the fourteen children he murdered, then echoes misguided calls for more gun control and higher taxes to bolster America’s decrepit mental health system.

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