sissyHistory proves that effective leaders display heartfelt reaction to atrocities and danger before, with cogent and well-planned strategy, they respond.

With cerebral machinations and overused thesaurus does Obama react to ISIS inhumanity; he responds with visceral determination not to confront that growing evil.

Through his inverted style Obama convinces the world he is no leader.

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Fender Benders

IRSIRS commissioner John Koskinen speaks in riddles and apparatchik gibberish.  It’s as if the head of America’s most intrusive and belligerent agency landed his post from somewhere foreign to liberty and prosperity.

Warren Sapp, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, seems unsatisfied with the rate the NFL’s reputation is sinking.  To accelerate the submersion he wrapped up Super Bowl weekend in Phoenix jail after welshing on a hooker.  Commissioner Goodell sees progress: at least Sapp didn’t slug the strumpet then drag her from an elevator.

Six years along and the White House can muster only ten beneficiaries of the Obamacare mess?  The tiny group yesterday met with the president, who directs the world’s most manipulative propaganda machine.  Touted as the universe’s premier health care scheme, Obamacare allegedly helps an uncountable mass.  Strange, then, that the opaque administration could only come up with ten puppets while Representative Boehner, if he found the gumption, could host a gathering of millions burdened by the detrimental law.

Measles breaks out.  Is it coincidence the disease rears its head in the aftermath of Obama luring thousands of third world children across America’s undefended border?

my mapLance Armstrong refuses to coast quietly from the heights of Mount Stardom.  About doping, he recently bragged he’d do it again, and now he’s been caught lying to deflect accountability in an auto crash: he’s obviously peddling downhill with all the strength steroids can bolster.

Democrat darling Alcee Hastings of Florida derided all Texas residents as crazy.  That doesn’t quite fit with Democrats’ contention that they deplore stereotypes and champion tolerance.  But, whenever lacking an intellectual upper hand, it’s common for Democrats to seek solace through ad hominem attack.  Thus Hastings, an impeached judge notorious for corruption, must always resort to ad hominem slurs.  Elected to Congress eleven times, disgraced Hastings proves the Sunshine State, not Texas, is the state overflowing with loons.


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Return to the Road To Ruin

white houseIt would usher in doomsday, hoped Obama.  But for two years America has survived the federal sequester, that irrational mandate for arbitrary spending cuts that was devised to inflict intolerable inconvenience on the citizenry.  Layoffs and loss of critical services, the President gleefully predicted.  But (in the spirit of a zealous progressive) he enormously overestimated Americans’ dependence on government.  The strife Obama so eagerly anticipated, by now, should have sent rioters looting and burning while clamoring for a renewal of unmitigated spending.

But tumult and fire hasn’t exploded (except when Obama and his pernicious attorney general riled racial tension in Ferguson, Missouri) and the only whimper opposed to accountable spending emanates from the IRS: imposing Obamacare, suppressing the Teaparty, and overlooking Al Sharpton’s unpaid taxes are evidently money-burning ventures.   So Obama and his allies, disheartened by America’s subdued reaction to the sequester, are resorting to their comfort food of tactics: concocting a titanic tax-and-spend budget.

Envisioning four trillion dollars of spending, the White House’s behemoth of fiscal negligence bestows lavishly while looting harshly.  And, thanks to a flash of sanity during November’s elections, it’s a proposal destined to live only in the merry dreams of spendthrift Democrats.  But, because community organizers sustain themselves on a diet of division and discord, Obama formulated his proposal not so much as a budget blueprint as a stick to poke in Congressional eyes; he knows all hope of steering the country back onto his road to ruin hinges on deriding Republicans for eschewing his penchant for largesse.  So, for the balance of his White House tenure, expect this lame duck to mount the stump and harangue about Congress and the GOP; no doubt he will fall back on his favorite pursuit: pitting poor against rich, black against white, and irresponsible against responsible.


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Demolition Days Are Here Again

demolitionRomney’s shed his goggles and left his helmet swinging from a hook in the garage–never again, alleges the former governor, is he willing to get behind the wheel in a presidential race.  But the GOP primary isn’t so much race as demolition derby, a fact Romney doesn’t recognize because of a flaw inherent in politicians: enormous egos eclipse reality.

So for seventeen irksome months a bevy of Republican White House aspirants will recklessly weave, swerve, and thrash into one another.  So engrossed will they grow in demeaning, mocking, and contradicting their competitors that not one of the lot will foresee their party’s ritualistic presidential-year demise.  A survivor of the voluntary destruction will eventually limp into Cleveland for the 2016 GOP Convention, radiator steaming and tires flattened, fenders dented and upturned.  But Democrats will have sheltered their imposing Rolls Royce on blocks in an immaculate workshop, meticulously buffing it with a chamois.  It matters little that Bondo and chewing gum hide the defects and peril in continued Democratic presidency: by election day naïve voters, again mesmerized by that shiny Dem limousine, won’t dare vote for the wreck of a Republican flivver the media are sure to publicize.

Hence Mitt, declining to mount the Republican dais as candidate, is positioned ideally to raise his stature as party leader.  Before the demolition grows harsh and YouTube laughter rises at GOP tongue-slips and barbs, he should assume the mantle as sage who reins in each man-who-would-be-president and guides the party to project a consistent and amicable image.  America, well in advance of the 2016 election, should suffer no doubt that liberty and prosperity are synonymous with the Republican platform, stark contrast to Democratic ideals of government overreach and ruinous redistribution.  As voters increasingly avert eyes from fenders mangled and chassis twisted, Romney needs to occasionally stretch an avuncular arm around a foundering candidate’s shoulders while dropping the hint, “Enough damage, don’t you think?”

Without Romney–or some other venerable statesman–filling the Republican leadership void and staving off impending destruction, Hillary, with a tub of popcorn to devour, will seat herself high in the bleachers while cackling at the good show.  And the country, if Obama hands her the Oval Office keys, will find itself beset by another four years of Democratic demolition.

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Sunglass Nation

obama wreckJohn F. Kennedy sported Wayfarers, his appearance urbane and manly behind those dark lenses.  It’s a look the whole nation might adopt because, now that hope and change has proven itself detrimental, which American wants to show his eyes anymore?

Certainly not the collegians who flocked to the polls in 2008, en masse giddy to vote for celebrity Obama; deep in Mom’s basement they now brood, shame and age creeping over them while meaningful jobs remain elusive; barely do they find courage to lift sullen gazes from stained carpeting.

Nor do the gainfully employed dare lift nervous eyes from dread of catching the boss’ troubled face on its way over, uneasily approaching with news that, well, she’s sorry but Obamacare’s the cause, the reason she needs to let someone go.

We trudge America’s sidewalks with downcast eyes nowadays, afraid our glance will meet the doleful gaze of a hungry veteran, tired of glimpsing EBT cards settling up in liquor stores, fearful our vision will trip over a headline or television banner: national debt tops 18 trillion.  Don’t look up, America, or you’ll witness Islam’s violent advance while our own military withers; smoke from riots rises while cop-haters chant in the streets; Russian tanks rumble through Ukraine.  No, it’s best not to witness Obama’s dreary world of enormous government and weak America, a nightmare haunted by IRS and EPA brutes, cries for social (never legal) justice, and taxes rising while prosperity wanes.

So avert your eyes, America, but if you do risk a peek, why not try for that JFK look?  If nothing else, sunglasses just might hide your tears.

And Obama?  Not even a mask of tinted lenses will transform him into a Jack Kennedy.  Kennedy, after all, was a leader.

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Adios, San Juan

Cuban strong man Raul Castro knows advantage when he sees it and, with President Obama begging to normalize relations with the Caribbean dictatorship, Castro has grown determined to squeeze every drop out of Uncle Sam.  America, until recently, rebuked Cuba with the noble insistence that Castro return liberty to his people; Obama, however, has decided meek acquiescence to tyranny is a more progressive course.  In deference to Obama’s naivety, Raul now wants Guantanamo Bay ceded to his regime, as well as his coffers stuffed as reparation for American intolerance to despotism.

fidelWith his communist paramour voicing such audacious desires, Obama should immediately hitch up his mom jeans and rescind all overtures to Havana.

But if nothing else, Obama is a weak and artless negotiator.  His kowtowing to Iran illustrates that, as does the pinnacle of his wily deal-making: the five-for-one Bo Bergdahl prisoner swap.  Given those failures of American resolve, Obama seems destined to accede to Castro’s sordid demands.  And to affirm his sincerity, Obama just might throw in Puerto Rico, too.

Fidel and his entourage will enjoy the rum.

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While Obama Golfs ….

O&NSomber reflection accompanied Holocaust survivors visiting Auschwitz.  Again their eyes took in railroad tracks once laden with human-filled cattle cars.  They overcame trepidation to once more trudge through the iron gate heralding Arbeit Macht Frei–Work Sets You Free.  But it was not work that freed Jews from the horrors in that concentration camp, it was the Russian army advancing on Hitler’s collapsing Reich.  All across Europe Allied soldiers were discovering the atrocities perpetrated by Nazis enacting their “final solution” while the world, through grainy footage and black and white photos, was numbed by the immensity of the work camps, the discovery of gas chambers and furnaces, countless barracks packed with emaciated, despondent Jews.  “Never forget” vowed the globe in reaction to the systematic extermination of six million people.

But seventy years removed from that genocide, lacking strong leadership from the United States, the world has forgotten.  From its inception in post-Holocaust gloom, Israel has scrapped through persistent war, its Muslim neighbors intent on eradicating the prosperous Jewish state.  From Gaza fly rockets to murder innocent Jews while Iran, erasing Israel a stated goal, nears the creation of a nuclear missile capable of precisely that.  Obama, meanwhile, dithers to the point of abetting not only Iran, but the spreading brutes of ISIS, who would relish video of Jewish heads lopped off, who are too zealous in their hate to find patience for concentration camps; the Holocaust they intend will be a chaotic frenzy of murder.

Muslim atrocities, sadly, never rile Obama’s ire–he fails to even acknowledge Islam has a role in the worldwide spread of terrorism.  With America’s helping hand retracted from the Israeli people and United States ambivalence stoking that global surge of Muslim violence, Jews once more face not only odious hatred, but the sort of indifference that allowed the Holocaust to take root and thrive.  And President Obama, intensely jealous of Benjamin Netanyahu, refuses to even meet that prime minister during an upcoming visit to Washington … fore, anyone?


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He’s Melting

obama meltingThe echoes of Paris violence still reverberate and again Muslim belligerents have murdered, this time in a sun-baked hotel on Tripoli’s coast.  They’ve brought terror to Fort Hood, too, and the Boston Marathon, Madrid’s subway, a chocolate shop in Sydney, London streets: no corner of earth seems safe from the spread of Islamic terror since Barack Obama ordered America to abandon its victories and retreat headlong from a relentless enemy.  Around the world Islam spreads its dark shadow and fills the vacuum resulting from United States ambivalence, a malaise of weakness brought about by a president who leads from behind, which is not leading at all.

He’s becoming a pathetic character, America’s leader-from-behind.  Now facing majorities of Republicans elected to hobble his reckless policies and with world leaders leery of his dereliction, rightfully he lurks in the margins, summoning a lonely White House photographer and childish YouTube interviewers to soothe his craving for attention.

How fondly he must reminisce about long-ago days when a Berlin throng hung on his words and all the Muslim world listened to his apologies, when a Nobel Prize was awarded and Greek columns were erected as backdrop for his regal ascent.  Ascending now, due to his dreadful policies and inability to lead, is Muslim violence while Obama, cowering from truth, reporters, and the American people, melts from significance like a wicked witch caught in the rain.

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Uncle Sam’s Sensitive Senate

capitolWith the irresponsibility of a bored student dozing through an insightful lecture, the Senate of the United States last week squandered effort by debating earth’s climate.  Senators took it upon themselves to neglect how our nation is crying out for a responsible budget and they diligently ignored that Muslim soldiers continue gobbling up civilization.  Rather than face that The American Dream is being trampled by oppressive taxes, senators instead grew dire to let the world learn that “it is the sense of the Senate that climate change is real and not a hoax.”

The Senate’s nebulous sense is a lame substitute for collective courage, a trait sorely lacking along the avenues and hallways of Washington.  Courageous senators, with the first utterance of that ill-defined “climate change” phrase, should have risen in unison and turned their backs on the orator as if he were Mayor de Blasio himself.  For, just as the Senate had no business redesigning the light bulb or mandating low-flow toilets people flush twice, it should refrain from delving into earth’s climate.  But, like those other two legislative puzzles, “climate change” provides irresistible opportunity for big government to further manipulate Americans lives.

As with much of the prattle shed by Capitol Hill, few are moved by the Senate’s tender sense.  Climate change occurred on this dynamic globe long before any senator cleared his throat and clutched his lapels: dinosaurs attest to that, as do marine fossils uncovered high and dry on mountain peaks.  Slow, certain, and natural are climate shifts, but rather than greet that truth with complacency, America’s overbearing government instead twists climate data into a cudgel to be used against the population.  Modern politicians, never neglecting opportunity to slip a hand into a pocket or slide a wing tip over a threshold, are desperate to paint a picture that climate change, far from natural, is a calamity brought about by irresponsible behavior.  Hence the Senate’s feeble “sense” that climate change is real–they have chiseled another facet into the myth that climate change is not only brought on by humans, but it is settled science.

Science, though, is more profound than the Senate’s voiced sensitivity, and science should never be confused with some referendum of scientists who believe climate change is man-made.  The scientific method, not how wide an opinion spreads, leads to truth, and that hypothesize-experiment-conclude approach seems AWOL from the current political insistence that climate change is caused by humans.  The alleged danger known as global warming was given its “climate change” alias once its divorce from science grew obvious; continuing to creep further from any basis in science, the notion of climate change instigated by human activity has adopted a new, humorous identity: it is now nothing more than one of the Senate’s senses.


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That Inconvenient Truth

The overwhelming majority of Muslims, lectured Secretary of State John Kerry, do not condone the sort of violence perpetrated by a few.  His rapt audience in Davos thrived on Kerry’s faux-sagacity.  As had a previous droning speaker, former Vice President Al Gore, Kerry’s listeners had predominately dropped in on  Switzerland aboard private jets, intent on dissecting enigmas such as why the hoi polio don’t bother to carpool in light of mythical global warming.  Truth is never welcome when progressives gather, hence Kerry found license to spew his peculiar opinion about the religious war being waged on Christianity and the West.  If, as Kerry asserted, a majority of Muslims indeed oppose Islamic aggression, then terrorists and religious warriors would (using Kerry’s vernacular) be overwhelmed, therefore stifled.  As it is, stifled only are the tongues of Islam, giving free rein for terrorists to overwhelm the civilized world.  Kerry and his idol Barack Obama would do well to set their tedious lecture notes aside and at last muster the courage to stand up, at least speak out, in opposition to Muslim belligerents.



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